When I got home from work yesterday I went online and bought a rowing machine. I had been looking at getting one for a while. I ordered it for same day delivery. Unfortunately I could only get the late night slot so it was too late to really try it out. I built it up last night and did have a quick shot. I was quite impressed with it.

I spent a while deciding on what machine to buy. The one I chose wasn’t too expensive, just under £100. There were some cheaper ones, they didn’t look very good and the reviews were up and down. The one I purchased, the Rower ‘n’ Gym, had mostly good reviews. So the price and the reviews were a good place to start. What I also like about it is that you can do more than simply row. The design has it so that you can either use the one double handle or replace that with two single handles and you can row or do various exercise workouts.

It also comes with a DVD to show you the workouts, this was another strong selling point for me. To see someone do a front deltoid pull and not just look at a picture with description is an idea I really like. I’ve never been into weight training or anything beyond walking so that little bit of extra support is welcomed. I know it’s not going to be easy but I am one determined woman.



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