Today was an easy rowing day. It’s not a full workout day. I did the suggested 5 minutes of rowing, took a break and then did another 5 minutes. I felt just one session wasn’t enough.

For the first time I could feel the workout in different parts of my body. Since day one I’ve felt it in my shoulder, upper arms and thighs. Today I felt it in my tummy, the back of my legs and just above my ankles. I read that rowing is good for a whole body workout and now, on day 3, I am starting to feel that is true.

I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel after a full workout tomorrow. I’m still not feeling sore or stiff or anything else negative, yet. I’m hoping if I don’t over do it and only push myself a little further when my body says enough that I won’t suffer anything that will set me back or put me off working out. I’m determined to keep this up and do it right.



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