Today was a full workout day. I didn’t want to do it. I’ll admit I was feeling very lazy but I did my workout. I don’t ever want to miss a workout through laziness. Illness may be acceptable. Broken bones may be acceptable but I’ll never allow myself to miss a workout because I couldn’t be bothered. The 5 minute rowing went well. I had a break and then started the workout. I try to do between 7 and 10 of each exercise. Then I repeat it. Like day 3, today on day 4 I have started to feel the workout and the rowing in different parts of my body.

New parts of my back, legs, arms, tummy and shoulders all feel like they have had a workout. I’m hoping as I continue I will feel it in more places and by week 4 see a difference in my body. I’m not looking to lose any more weight. I’m looking toward toning up my body and getting fitter as I do.

Tomorrow is a rowing day. Rowing only. Now time to hit the shower, these workouts make me sweat and red and it’s not a good look.



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