Today was a rowing only day. I have to say I am enjoying these workouts. I feel better in so many ways and all so soon after I have started. My mood is better. My mind is more focused. My thoughts are more positive. I know it’s not all down to the rowing and workouts but I do believe it’s played a big part.

I am eating better. I have had issues with eating disorders and I’ll admit that I was having some issues lately. I was forcing myself to have at least one decent meal a day. Sometimes it was really difficult but I ate. Now I am eating better, perhaps still not where I should be now that I’m working out, this is something I am working on while building towards a healthy eating plan.

I rowed for five minutes and had a break. I then rowed for another 5 minutes and added 30 seconds on. I want to build up to seven minutes, that’s my goal for next week so now that I’m close to the end of week one I thought that I’d start to increase a little on the last couple of days.

I’m looking forward to doing a full workout tomorrow. I bought some clothes that are more suited to working out in. I never imagined that it would make working out feel so much better. So come on tomorrow, I’m ready for ya.




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