Saturday was day 7. A rowing only day. I started rowing and found it comfortable. I’m not saying easy but it wasn’t difficult either. I upped the tension and managed about a minute. I had to lower the tension. I rowed for 6 minutes in total. On the lower tension I pushed harder and went faster.

I had a small break and drank water. I rowed again this time for 7 minutes. It was on the middle tension so I switched between rowing comfortably and hard and fast. I found this to be an effective rowing workout. I was sweating and red and felt bloody great.

After the second rowing session I did a few reps of some of my other exercises, just a few since it was a rowing only day. I did the ones that focus specifically on my tummy area.

I’m still surprised that after one week I feel so good about myself. There isn’t a big difference in my body shape yet but mentally I feel great. The benefits to working out go so much further than getting your body in shape, it affects your mood, your mind, I’d go as far as to say it affects everything. I am loving it.



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