I’ve been negligent of updating my blog but I’ve not been negligent of keeping up with my rowing. I have a cold and have found myself extremely tired after work, working out and having a meal. I’ve fallen asleep most nights. I’ve been feeling rundown. I’m better today and hope I’ll be over this tomorrow.

Through this week I have pushed myself harder than last week. I’ve been rowing for longer, building up to fifteen minutes today. I’ve also been rowing for longer on the higher tension. I had been doing two sets of each additional exercise up until today where I did three sets of between 7-15 reps. Today should have been a simple rowing day but I decided that today, since I had the house to myself was going to be a full workout with me going back on the machine for some rowing throughout the day. My cold isn’t great but it’s not terrible either so I’d only be using it as an excuse to slack on a workout.

Some days through the week I’ll admit I did find it a bit of a struggle and had to take several breaks during the rowing. Only starting again when I felt able too. I’m no quitter but I do not wish to cause myself harm or make my illness worse. Because of the aches and pains that go along with having a cold it made doing some of the workout unpleasant but I pushed through that pain, mostly because it wasn’t that bad and again I’d only be using it as an excuse if I stopped. My asthma played up a bit but I expected that with working out while having a cold.

I plan to push myself even harder during the coming week. I’ve started running while walking my dogs. I’m not confident to go out on my own running but think I could build up to that with the help of running with my dogs as a starting point. I’m not seeing or really feeling a distinct physical change but mentally and emotionally it’s had an extremely positive effect. There is part of me that does think there is a difference in my upper abdomen but I’m not sure if it’s only because I want to see it. I have felt physically sick a couple of times during workouts. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m ill or if it’s because of the workouts. I’m making sure I drink plenty of water, not just while working out but as a general rule now. I’m not an expert when it comes to keep fit or anything healthy in general. It’s all trial and error and figuring out what works best for me.

The one thing that I’ve been surprised at is how much better I feel within myself after a workout. I find myself thinking about it while bored at work. I find myself thinking of ways I can improve my workout. I find myself thinking about workouts while walking my dogs. I think about what I want to achieve from working out. I visualise my body and how I want it to look. I don’t want to be skinny, I’m quite happy with my weight and size. It’s more about the shape of my body now. I have a realistic goal. My ideal body shape is very realistic. It’s rather boring if I’m being honest. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. I’m not looking to have a six-pack or bulging girly muscles. I want definition and a shape that I am happy with and comfortable with. I’m on my way and loving this journey I am on.



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