Today is my day of rest. I rowed. I pushed myself harder than ever. I didn’t do any extra exercises but I did row for longer. I rowed for ten minutes on the medium resistance and then five minutes on the higher resistance. I took a break and repeated it. I felt great after it. I’ll do the same tomorrow plus a full workout. I can’t wait. I felt so bloody good after my rowing session. I can’t wait to do more and push harder. There is no point in doing the same amount of everything as last week because I won’t progress that way. I’m hoping by the end of week 3 that I’ll be rowing on the higher resistance for longer or at the very least finding it easier.

My plan going forward is I would like, once I get a place of my own, is to have a mini gym in my home. I want some weights, nothing outrageous, just enough to keep me toned. I really want to do chin ups so have been looking into getting a bar but that’s another thing I’ll wait to get. Oh and the other thing I’ve always wanted is a nice big punch bag. All these things cost money so I’ll have to save and buy as and when I can afford them. I’ll also be trying to get as much of it in a sale as possible, I like a good bargain.

Another part of my workout I really enjoy is having a shower after it. There is something extremely refreshing about it that just makes me feel so much better about the workout. I’m looking forward to pushing myself further this week. The other thing that helps spur me on is as I push myself and increase my workouts it doesn’t hurt. It feels natural. I’m able to do more. I know the workouts are working. I can’t wait to see the physical results. It’s all going so much better than I expected it too.



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