My plan.

My plan.

I have a plan for my future. Camping. I’ve never been. Always wanted too but never known anyone else (other than my most recent ex) who wanted to go. Also I’ve always been too scared to go by myself. I have no idea why I have a fear? Is it too many Friday the 13th movies growing up? Is it just me holding myself back as usual? Is it laziness? Perhaps it’s a bit of all of the above. My ex and I were going to go camping and when we broke up I have to admit I just dismissed the idea of it. Then I was thinking what is actually stopping me other than myself? The answer is right there. Without a doubt there is nothing other than myself. Me and only me stops me doing anything that I am capable of.

I have ordered a two-man tent. A pop up one. I need it to be as easy as possible for my first time out. I’ll also have two dogs who have never been camping. I’m beyond excited about it. In a month or so I’ll be heading out on my first trip. I’ll take a train to my destination. I’ll have a month to return. I’ll only be away for a long weekend.

I’ve said to my oldest niece about camping sometime in the future. She says that she’d like to come with me. She’s never been either. I hope when the tent comes it’ll be big enough to fit two adults and two pooches. I’m very happy. I’m very excited.

I’m not sure of everything I need. I’ve made a list. I’m sure there will be things I’ll not even imagine. The first few times will be trial and error. As long as I have food, water and all other essentials for my boys I know I’ll survive just fine.